The daring metamorphosis of an historical building

Patrimonial value

Behind its aristocratic red brick façade, protected by its patrimonial value, the architectural sophistication of the 19th century harmoniously combines with the refined creations of the 21st century to elegantly give way to the world of Madrid in a new dimension.

During the Industrial Revolution, the new use of iron and glass as the main materials for the construction was applied especially in the construction of monumental structures, but also in residential buildings.

The façade of Santa Engracia 42 is the perfect synthesis of all these movements, as imagined by its creator, Francisco Pingarrón Yarritu, which resulted in its registration as an historical heritage of the city. Certain original historical elements have been preserved, such as the sumptuous wooden staircase, enhanced by sculpted wrought iron railings; the exterior façade, with its fabulous wrought bow-windows; its richly decorated cornices and wrought cast iron pillars.

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The whole building was completely redesigned and reshaped in order to offer contemporary high-end services on all floors and on each residence. Each room is elegant and refined, both for the quality of the selected materials and for the perfect fluidity of the redesigned spaces in all of the 23 prestigious residences that make up this residential property.

The other important advantage of this exceptional project is its four-level overelevation that offer generous contemporary configurations; where maximum comfort, reserved only to residents, is a rooftop pool, surrounded by a terrace that allows you to discover a unique and amazing landscape of the city. In this highly coveted context, Emerige welcomes you in its new address Santa Engracia 42.

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23 properties which are a real luxury home